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This section contains some of my favorite places of dining, as well as some useful information about food. HK is known as a food paradise, indeed you can find almost every kind of world cuisine in HK. They may not taste exactly like home; yet HK sure is the safest place to try all different exotic food from around the world because HK is a modern and clean city in general.

Very useful websites - For a list of all the restaurants in Hong Kong, you may visit -  or try the restaurant locator at

For roof-top restaurants, restaurants with view, you may also want to check the Nightlife page -> Roof-top Bars.

And here are some of my recommendations:

Asian (other than Chinese)
Others and delivery
Average food price
Cooking by yourself
Popular Chinese dishes


Jumbo Restaurant Seafood

JUMBO FLOATING RESTAURANT - Aberdeen: MTR to Admiralty, change to bus no. 75, get off at Aberdeen Centre, walk to the waterfront, and take the free boat of Jumbo company to the restaurant

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant, very famous for its size and appearance in James Bond and Jackie Chan movies, is in fact, not really impressive. It is a nice picture taking spot but the food it provides is nothing special at all. You have to pay for about HK$ 500 for a meal for something you can have in Cheung Chau for only HK$ 50. It is much better if you are going for Dim Sum lunch because it is cheaper and you can seat on the roof of the ship - the Top Deck on the 4/F (TD/F, the top of the boat) which is an ideal place for brunch. One thing I have to admit is that the service is good there.

Make sure you are going to the 3/F because it is the original Jumbo. The "pretty" girls will TRY to take you to the 2/F which is not Jumbo and you can't leave without spending less than HK$ 1,000. They are pretty but evil. One time they told us Jumbo (3/F) was full but we didn't believe and insisted to go up and found out there were plenty empty seats.

There is another floating restaurant in Shatin, where the food is cheaper.

CHEUNG CHAU - A taste of the sea wind, a smell of the water, and a sight of skyscrapers-no-more. Cheung Chau is a quiet fishing village (except in the weekends) that still preserve the typical scene of HK some hundreds year ago. Seafood for 2 could be as low as HK$ 100 (3 dishes). There are tons of seafood restaurants in Cheung Chau and the best one are on the praya walkway on the left side of the ferry pier as if you can just getting off from there. JUST DON'T go to the one at the end of the praya because it cheats foreigners. I went there once and they gave me an English menu which everything was twice more pricey than they were in the Chinese menu.
HAPPY VALLEY WET MARKET - Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, tram to Happy Valley stop. Want to have decent seafood but Jumbo is considered too pricey? Go to the food court inside the wet market at Happy Valley. Abalone, Shark's Fin Soup, Lobster all within HK$ 100 each.

TEMPLE STREET - Exit C, Yau Ma Tei MTR Station

Let’s play Fear Factor, HK. You can have Scorpio, bugs, frog, snake, shellfish, and many other kinds of weird food at Temple Street. Apart from that, Temple Street is a cheap place to eat Cantonese food. (HK$ 50 / person)

Snake wine and soup - Sham Shui Po, Castle Peak Road x Kweilin Street, Exit D2, Sham Shui Po Station

You come to HK / China you got to try the snake wine / soup. (You may eat cat and dog in China but I do not recommend it) They are hella cheap as well. Apart from trying the snake meat, you may come to the shop in the afternoon and you will get a chance to see the demonstration of making snake soup and wine every day. In simple words, they took a live snake by its head with one hand the whole time, then use a knife to cut through its body from neck to tail. They put the knife down and use the free hand to grab the bladder and squeeze the juice inside to make the wine... You can film it if you want.

Snake Wine, HK$ 20 for a shot. The Snake Wine is known as the YOU-WILL-BE-DRUNK-AFTER-3-SHOTS wine. Well its only HK$ 60 for 3 if you dare to try ;-)


SPRING DEER - 1/F, 42 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Exit N3, Tsim Sha Tsui East Station (HK$ 100 / person). This restaurant does not have a fancy environment or a smart entrance. However, the food is really good and not too expensive. Waiters are all like middle age Chinese man but they speak pretty good English! Actually, they can speak Japanese and some other languages as far as I can see. MUST TRY - Beijing Duck, Hot and Sour Soap


CRYSTAL JADE - 3328 Harbour City, TST, Exit E, TST MTR Station - have a great variety of side dishes which are all delicious. (HK$ 60 / person) They can be found also in New Town Plaza, Shatin and Times Square, Causeway Bay.

XIA MIN GUAN - 2F, Elements, Kowloon MTR Station. Cheaper than Crystal Jade but the food is as good.

Both Crystal Jade and Ha Min Guan are very popular so you better make reservation or be there not later than 6 pm for dinner.
Sze Chuen

SHANG XIN SHUAN LA FENG - Fuk Wing Street, Exit D2 Sham Shui Po MTR. Want something really really spicy? Try the noodle from this tiny Sze Chuen noodle place. Prepare some napkins and lots of water.

YU HEUNG Grilled Fish - 12 Nga Tsin Long Road, Kowloon City, Minibus no. 2 from Festival Walk. The grilled fish is a popular dish of Sze Chuan. The whole fish (with head and tail, of course) is grilled with thousands of chilly pepper. It is very tasty; but you may have difficulty in eating it for the first time because of all the bones you can still find from the fish.

SANXILOU - 51 Garden Road, 7F Code Plaza, 15 minutes walk from Exit J2 Central MTR. Arguably the best Sichuan food place in HK, a bit pricey as you may expect from its location.

SPICY MAMA - 234 Temple Street, Jordan, Exit C2, Jordan MTR. It is probably correct to call this Spicy Mama because it is really HOT! The most genuine Sze Chuen food you can find in HK. The Spicy chicken, Spicy Tofu and Tantan Noodle are their signature dishes. They have 7 levels of spiciness. I have tried the level 6. The food was really tasty, just I was shitting for 2 days after.


XIAMEN FENGWEI - 44 Mei King Street, To Kwa Wan. Tired of Cantonese food? Go try the Fujian style in this restaurant.

Hunan food is probably the spiciest kind of Chinese cuisine. If you can handle Sze Chuan, go for Hunan next time.

MRS. HUNAN - 354 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon City. A true taste of Hunan with an atmosphere of countryside Chinese restaurant; you know what I mean if you have ever been to a small China town. Good food and service.


NOMADS - 53 Kimberly Road, TST, Exit B1, TST MTR Station - The mutton Hotpot is awesome. (HK$ 100 / person) They also have all you can eat deal sometimes for only HK$ 200.

Xin Jiang

BA YI Restaurant - 43 Water Street, Sai Wan, taxi to Water Street from Sheung Wan MTR Station - Ba Yi is the best place to try mutton or lamp chop in HK. They have 10 different ways to cook mutton for you and they are all just incredible. (HK$ 100 / person)

Hot Pot

Hot pot is a way of eating in China / Oriental. A boiling pot will be put in the middle of a table, with all the raw meats and vegetables beside it. When you want to eat something, use your chopsticks to dip the food into the boiling water, and wait for it to be cooked. Another interesting fact about Hotpot is the different kinds of sauce. From spicy to not spicy. If it is spicy, it is really spicy. The best way to do Hotpot is doing a Hotpot buffet. Many Chinese restaurants offer this in Winter and some even in the Summer. A Hotpot buffet costs you HK$ 100 with unlimited soft drinks, sometimes beers as well.

KAM SHA KOK - Exit C, Shatin Wai Station, near Sha Kok Estate. This is one of the restaurants you must try in HK, Lets not talking about the food first. This unique HK style of Tai Pai Dong, or Mushroom Hut as described by local people, is the most traditional Cantonese restaurant in HK. If you want to know about the local dining culture, get your ass up there quick before the government demolished every single one of them in the next 10 years.

So, what about the food? It has Hotpot buffet comes with unlimited soft drink, about HK$ 60 per person. A little hot eating outdoor in the Summer though. Other than that, the seafood dishes are almost as good as you can get from a hotel restaurant. Last but not least, their Chiu-Chowish drinking snacks is another popular delicacy. Such as squid, duck wings, duck tongues and fried pig intestine.

FONG WING KEE Hotpot Restaurant - 85 Hau Wong Road - A very traditional Chinese hotpot restaurant aka the best way to do Cantonese hotpot. Raw beef in satay sauce is the chef's recommendation. (HK$ 100 / person)

HIPOT - 5F Chuang's London Plaza, 219 Nathan Road, Exit C1 Jordan MTR. Not so special about the food but this place provides every customer a 'pot' for his or her own use. A different kind of experience. It also has all you can eat option, and a student card will give you a discount. You can also find Hipot in Kwun Tong and Causeway Bay.

TACK HSIN RESTAURANT - 2F, Peninsula Centre, 67 Mody Road, TST; Exit P2 TST MTR. A very typical all you can eat hotpot place with good service and English menu. HK$ 150 per person any time.

Little Sheep - 16 Argyle Street, Mong Kok, Exit C4, Mong Kok MTR. Another hotpot place but what makes this place special is their lamb / mutton. Directly from Mongolia and it is the best hotpot lamb in HK. They also have all you can eat / beer deal but you have to 'ask' for it. If you look like someone who cannot read Chinese they will assume you are getting the a la carte menu which is like 3 times more expensive.

HK$ 100 Taiwanese Hotpot, HOTPOT SUPER - 2F, 43H Dundas Street, Exit A2, Yaumatei MTR. Another all you can eat and soft drinks place but this one features Taiwanese style and each customer gets his / her own pot. Many soup bases to choose from.


CHUEN CHEUNG KUI - 33 Nelson Street, Mong Kok, Exit E2, Mong Kok MTR Station - A typical HK Chinese restaurant, offering cheap Cantonese food, HK$ 50 per person. Their chicken is among the best in town.

Noodle - As I have said in other part I prefer Japanese noodle (ramen) to Chinese noodle; but if including the foods that go with the noodle, it is always the one with Chinese foods are better. If you like beef (and noodle), you must go and try the beef brisket noodle from either KAU KEE (21 Gough Street, Central - Exit E2 Sheung Wan MTR) or Wah Jeir (13A Electric Road, Tin Hau - Exit A2 Tin Hau MTR). Their beef is so soft, the soup is so tasty, and it is not expensive at all!


KAM WAH barbecue Pork - 9 Jubilee Street, Central; Exit C Central MTR. Barbecue Pork is probably one of the most popular Chinese dishes in HK. This Kam Wah restaurant is very famous for its barbecue pork as well as other kinds of roast meat. Besides, its interior design is also quite impressive.


HUI LAU SHAN - All over HK, a very successful cooperation specifies in providing Chinese desserts. (HK$ 20 / person) You will fall in love with every thing they have if you like fruits. They have 10 different kinds of mango desserts for example.

TEI MOU KOON Dessert - 47 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - Mango pancake and other kinds of Chinese desserts, you would just love this place. (HK$ 20 / person)

KUNG WO DOU BUN CHONG - 67 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - The Tofu brain (sweet tofu) and Soya bean milk are their best offer. (HK$ 10 / person)

Pot Rice

TIM LOK YUEN Eating House - 4 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - The dish of the day is Chinese rice in a hot pot. It is steamed rice cooked in a hotpot together with beef or pork or chicken. It smells really good. (HK$ 50 / person)


Very Good
Mr. Wong, Hong Kong
Mr. Wong

MIDO Restaurant - Temple Street, Exit C Yau Ma Tei MTR. This restaurant at the corner between Temple Street and Public Square Street is a very traditional HK post-war style restaurant. It still remain its art-deco interior and an old-school cashier machine. The people are friendly; and the pork rice and noodles are something you have to try there. I enjoy going there at dusk because it is the time when the night market at Temple Street starts business. I can see from the windows of the restaurant people getting ready for business at night market. It is very fascinating.


OCEAN EMPIRE Congee - Ocean Empire Congee is not the place you can have the best congee in HK, but it is a very convenience way to taste traditional Chinese breakfast (doesn't matter if you are having breakfast or not indeed). Ocean Empire Congee has branches all over HK. Apart from congee, you can also try some 'breakfast-dishes'. Such as, Tulip Cake and Sticky Rice Dumpling. (HK$ 20 / person) They have branches in both Mong Kok and Shatin.

VERY GOOD Chinese Restaurant - Basement, 90 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Exit B1 Tsim Sha Tsui Station. A very typical Chinese restaurant but the food is so good, the price is average and the service is great! I have tried the HK$ 298 set dinner and I got Abalone, Shark's fin, Sea Cucumber, Fish, Crab, Prawn...all the things what Chinese people normally include in what they called a 'Great Feast'. I still couldn't believe I could try all of them in only HK$ 298; yet the most wonderful thing of this restaurant is the service they provide. They could not speak English very well but they are very attentive and good in detail! No wonder she is called 'Very Good Restaurant' !!! If you want to try the essence of Cantonese Cuisine, there is no place better than this one. Remember, its the HK$ 298 dinner set. If you have family or friends coming to visit, take them there for the best Cantonese meal.

MR. WONG - The only place in the world where you can get unlimited food and beer at dinner time for only HK$ 40 (US 5, Euro 4, GBP 3) - 10 Shumchun Street, Exit C2, Mongkok MTR Station.

The place is called something Hong Lok Restaurant, the owner - Mr. Wong has to come up with such a crazy yet successful business plan. All you can eat and drink at HK$ 50 from 9 pm till late. It is very popular every night (no need to ask why, right?). So once you are lucky to get a place to seat down, Mr. Wong and his team will start giving you food - whatever they feel like cooking for you, basically the typical Chinese dishes you can get from your home countries. So you do not and you will not order anything. You can go get your beers anytime you want and no one will stop you. They will stop bringing food to you until you stop them as well.

It is fun to go with a group, not only you can try more kinds of dish, also I guess Mr. Wong is all about having a good time drinking with your friends. The food is not really good. HK$ 50 for a buffet, well, you should not have any expectation and should not have any disappointment anyway.
Dim Sum

SERENADE Chinese Restaurant - 1F, Cultural Centre, TST, Exit E, TST MTR Station - Trying all different kinds of Dim Sum with the tremendous view of the Victoria Harbour. Located at the heart of TST, inside the Cultural Centre, nothing better to spend an afternoon than that. (HK$ 100 / person) This one and the one at City Hall Central (both belongs to the same company) are the few Dim Sum restaurant which still use moving trolley to sell their foods. Therefore, you can see the food before getting it and you can pick the one you like the most. Both also offer the harbor view; but the menu is a bit expensive.

ONE DIM SUM Chinese Restaurant - Tung Choi Street x Playing Field Road, Exit A, Prince Edward Station. This is a nice place if you want to try Chinese Dim Sum. Every thing is about HK$ 10 only. It is a small restaurant only sells Dim Sum. Not like a big, fancy Chinese restaurant, sure it is the best way to experience traditional Chinese food as well as to understand the lifestyle of typical local people. This tiny restaurant is now becoming so popular after Michelin gives it a Star in its dining guide.

LIN HEUNG LAU - 160 Wellington Street, Central. Again, very popular. Avoid going during lunch hours. It is a very very traditional Chinese Dim Sum restaurant. One of the few places you can actually experience 'China' in HK.

All you can eat dim sum - PARAMOUNT Restaurant. 2F, Emperor Plaza, 55 Chung On Street (intersection with Sha Tsui Road), Tsuen Wan, Exit B2, Tsuen Wan MTR. This restaurant provides dim sum buffet in the morning, late afternoon and late evening. You can also choose the regular food buffet option in the evening.

TIM HO WAN - B2, IFC, HK MTR. The first dim sum place around the world achieved a Michelin Star. In my humble opinion, their dim sum is pretty good; but there are just many more dim sum places in HK which are as good as them.



TAMAR CAFE - HK Central Government Office, Exit A, Admiralty MTR. This is a little cafe at the new government headquarter complex. Serving simple western cuisine and cakes in cheap, but the quality is quite good.
ABC Kitchen - Known as A Better Cooking Kitchen, inside the Queen Street wet market, Sheung Wan. Lunch is served in a reasonable price and Dinner is served in a price similar to a standard western restaurant. Nevertheless, the dinner is of high quality. You will be surprised of how good the food can be in a wet market.

QUAYSIDE at Fenwick Pier - Exit E2, Admiralty MTR, next to HK Academy of Performance Arts. This Quayside resembles the beach front restaurant in South East Asia; an oasis in the skyscraper-ed city. The weekend brunch is a must try. (The map below shows the location of Quarterdeck, which was the predecessor of Quayside at Fenwick Pier. 

  SOHO - An area of international foods (indeed) in HK, contains more than 100 restaurants and bars. Some of the best are: Phukets (Thais), Sahara (Moroccan), Taco Loco (Mexican), Olive (Mediterranean), Boca and La Comida (Spanish), Al Dente (Italian), La Pampa (Argentinean, Stauton Street), and Oysterman (Oyster). Nonetheless, you must be bear in mind that all restaurants in SOHO are quite expensive. (HK$ 300 / person)

KNUTSFORD TERRACE - Exit B1, TST MTR Station - The Lan Kwai Fong of Kowloon. A little alley filled with western food restaurants and bars. The Italian restaurants there are hella good. (HK$ 200 / person)

FOOD STREET Causeway Bay - Houston Street, Exit E, Causeway Bay MTR Station - Another area for dining adventure (HK$ 200 / person)

SANLITUAN - Sun Hung Ki Centre, Wanchai, Exit A, Wanchai MTR Station - The podium of this skyscraper has a large number of restaurants serving foods around the world combine with a cozy environment. It is a bit expensive though. (HK$ 200 / person)

FUSION GOURMENT - 1F The Pemberton, 22 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Exit A2 Sheung Wan MTR. Decent, healthy and fresh food in reasonable price. It is not for people with a huge appetite yet the food is quite tasty. You can also buy fresh meats from the place for your home use. Also there are a few more nice restaurants in the Pemberton building; but this one is a cheaper place to go.

YARDBIRD - 33 Bridges Street, Sheung Wan, Exit A2 Sheung Wan MTR. Fried chickens at its best. You can order fried chickens from any part of the bird. What's more? The drinks from the waiting-to-be-seated bar are good and the bartender, male or female, are all friendly and good looking.

GOLDEN PHOENIX Steak House - 102 Lai Chi Kok Road, Sham Shui Po; Exit C2 Prince Edward MTR. This is a HK style steak house which may not be the kind of steak you are expecting. However, it is very cheap and the portion is big; that belongs to the western standard at least. Last but not least, if you don't want to wait for at least an hour to get your table, please arrive before 6 pm!

CHARLIE BROWN Cafe - 58 Cameron Road, TST; Exit B1 TST MTR. Snoopy themed restaurant. Not really special.

PATIO - 4/F Ocean Centre, a few restaurants with outdoor seating area for limited harbor view. The restaurants are fancy, so you may go to 7-ELEVEn before heading to the Patio where there is also free public space.

TECTONIC PIZZA - Ashley Road, TST, Exit L5, TST MTR. It is a take away store but the special thing is their pizza is 'huge' and 'genuine'. There is another one (Paisano's) in Wanchai, just outside Exit A5, Wanchai MTR.

HAU FOOK Street - Exit B2, TST MTR Station, between Granville and Kimberly Road - Like Lan Kwai Fong or SOHO, but this small street is a dining area for Chinese food instead of western foods. (HK$ 60 / person) There is a Thai restaurant in Hau Fook Street and you can have all you can eat Thai food dinner for only about HK$ 100 every night. The menu is only in Chinese though.

FUK WING Street, Sham Shui Po - This street is full of all cheap, local and delicious restaurants; mostly Asian food but also some western.

KOWLOON CITY - is known as the little South East Asia in HK. A large part of people living there is coming from South East Asia, with Thais being the majority. Kowloon City was the location of the old airport which helped it developed into a “gourmet city”. Technically, you can find restaurant serving foods around the world at Kowloon City, in very reasonable price. You can take mini bus no. 2 from Festival Walk and get down at Kowloon City (when you see the Park’N Supermarket).

SWEETHEART GARDEN - Basement, 218-220 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Prince Edward, Exit B2, Prince Edward MTR Station. This is only a very simple HK style steak house. But because of this, it is very cheap. Nevertheless, they have steak of all kinds which can compare to a 5-stars restaurant quality (maybe 4). For just HK$ 40 at lunch period, or HK$ 80 at dinner time, you can enjoy almost the best steak in HK (not in the world though). (HK$ 50 / person) Sweetheart Garden actually has more than 10 restaurants in HK

REVOLVING RESTAURANT - 62F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queens Road East, Wanchai, Exit A3, Wanchai MTR Station. Up at 200 M you got the view of the entire Kowloon and HK Island North in 66 minutes' dining experience.

CENTRAL PIER no. 6 - Here is not about the food, but about the place, the surrounding. Central Pier no. 6 is a fast food shop at daytime, and an outdoor bar in the evening. Situated at the outmost of Central, you can enjoy a 360' harbor view from most of the seats there. If you are not asking for high quality service (I don't), why bother going to Four Seasons 100 yards away? Central Pier no. 6 would just give you the same pleasure, in a more cost-saving and outdoor manner. (HK$ 30 / person)

IKEA - Shatin Central Plaza / MegaBox Kowloon Bay / Great George Street Causeway Bay - Yes, you are not in the wrong section; I am talking about the food from IKEA. I love the food at the IKEA canteen, especially the dessert cakes. (HK$ 40 / person

1 PEKING ROAD - 1 Peking Road, TST, Exit C1, TST MTR Station - This is a commercial building with restaurants in some of the floors offering delicacies from different parts of the world. They are all expensive but they also have a fantastic view of the Victoria Harbour. (HK$ 200 / person) Recommendation: Aqua - 29F, 34272288

CAFE DECO - 1/F Peak Galleria, The Peak. One of the best restaurants in HK, the Cafe Deco at the Peak is expensive but its worthy. The food is so good, shame about the view there you could not see the Victoria Harbour though. Average expenditure per person - HK$ 200 for lunch.
APRIL - Shop A2, 15 Fa Po Street, Yau Yat Chuen, Kowloon Tong

It is a very nice western food restaurant. The foods are not expensive and are delicious. At night, it will become a bar and it is cool to chill out inside. This is by far the bar nearest to Cornwall Street. The Buffalo Wings there is one of a kind. (HK$ 60 / person)

THE PENINSULA HOTEL - Exit E, TST MTR Station / Exit L4, TSTE Station

Not only about the architecture, everyone visit HK will just go to the Peninsula Hotel at least one time. It is a symbol of classical and elegance. Presidents from America stayed there when they came to HK; Tom Cruise landed on the submit on the rooftop from his helicopter. And speaking about the food, getting treated by her boyfriend a dinner at the Peninsula Hotel is every local girls dream. I am not a local / girl, but I do like having food in 2 of the restaurants in the hotel:

FELIX - The most luxurious, vogue place to satisfy your natural need and to chill out in HK – The Felix at the Peninsula Hotel, Kowloon, HK. Felix is created by the product-design icon Philippe Starck, at the 28/F of also an icon - the icon for life of a tycoon in HK, the Peninsula Hotel. If you just want to chill out in some of the nights, not up for dancing, Felix could be a good place. Approximately HK$ 150 for a drink and you can drink the harbor...

CAFE at the Lobby

Enjoying English Tea at the Lobby cafe is a daily social activity of the billionaires' wives in HK. However, it doesn't mean it is only a privilege for them. The tea set is only about HK$ 200 per person but you will not regret spending them. It can be your lunch if you are on diet. On the other hand, you can just order a piece of cake for HK$ 100 if you are not coming with a starving stomach.
TALKS OF THE TOWN - 34/F Excelsior Hotel, Causeway Bay, Exit D1, Causeway Bay Station

Another bar I like in the hotels of HK is the Talks on The Town at Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay. It is on the top floor - 34/F and it has the view of the Kowloon skyline. Drinks are sold at about HK$ 100 per one, and they have a cool live band in the evening.
  HIGH STREET - High Street, Sai Ying Pun. To welcome the opening of the new MTR line on the West of the Island, a bunch of cafe / restaurant are open on High Street near to the new MTR entrance. There you can find Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Indian, Thai, American and of course, Chinese restaurants. They all have nice interior and friendly service.

LA FAUCHON - 45 Elgin Street, Central - Yummy but too expensive. (HK$ 500 / person)

CERES Boulangerie et Patisserie - 19 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - You would be shocked that such a nice cafeteria for French patisserie could be found in this part of HK (Oops, French cuisine is not Asian foods LOL) (HK$ 50 / person)


AMARONI'S - Festival Walk - "Big" portion according to HK standard makes 4 or more people going together so worthy. (HK$ 100 / person)

PEPPERONIS - 1592 Po Tung Road, Sai Kung. Italian Restaurant serves good pizzas, pastas, potato skins etc., in a nice setting and cool environment. (HK$ 100 /  person)

Tosca - 102F, ICC, Kowloon Station, 22632263 - Italian restaurant aka the highest in HK. It is quite pricy but the food is excellent. Yes, excellent. Reservation should be made for 1 month in advance.


OLE - Ice House Street, Central - Also known as the official Real Madrid HK Fan Club, well... (HK$ 300 / person)

PLAZA MAYOR - 9 Moon Street, Wanchai, via Exit F to Pacific Place 3, Admiralty MTR.

Catalunya - Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai.


KING LUDWIG Beerhall - G/F, TSTE Station - Average price, acceptable quality. (HK$ 200 / person)

OMA's Kitchen - Ma Wan Beach, Ma Wan Island. Very good service and traditional German food. (HK$ 150 / person)


The Swiss Chalet - 12 Hart Avenue, TST, Exit N1 TST or P3 TST East MTR. Probably the only Swiss restaurant in HK. The food and service are quite good; and the price is reasonable. It is right next to Tequila's Jack. So it is good to go there to try some Swiss cuisine on a day which is not Tuesday.


The Mediterranean Cafe and Restaurant - 5 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay, Exit E, Causeway Bay MTR Station - Good food and good environment. (HK$ 200 / person)


Outback - 1F, 8 Fenwick Street, Wanchai, Exit C, Wanchai MTR Station - Australian grill restaurant, also provides yummy desserts. Free unlimited refill of tea and soft drinks. (HK$ 150 / person)


RUBY TUESDAY - 5/F, New Town Plaza, Shatin, Shatin Station. Their desserts would make you keep coming back again and again. Free unlimited refill of tea and soft drinks. (HK$ 150 / person)

TGI FRIDAYS' - 4F, Oterprise Square, 26 Nathan Road, TST, Exit F, TST MTR Station - Not as good as the other 2. Free unlimited refill of tea and soft drinks. (HK$ 150 / person)

DAN RYAN - LG2, Festival Walk. Free unlimited refill of tea and soft drinks. (HK$ 150 / person) Their TST shop - 3/F Ocean Terminal, has Thanksgiving meal and Live broadcast of Super Bowl every year.

THE FLYING PAN - 1F, 37 Lockhard Road, Wanchai, Exit C, Wanchai MTR Station - 24/7 serving all day breakfast. Yes, 24/7 (HK$ 100 / person)

JHD (Just Hot Dog) - Olympian City 3, Exit D1 Olympic MTR. Yummy hot dog and burger for only HK$ 40

LA KAFFA - Olympian City 3, Exit D1 Olympic MTR. All day breakfast for only 50% the price of the Flying Pan

JIMMY'S KITCHEN - GF, South China Building, 1 Wyndham Street, Central. Reasonable priced food with a decent interior.

O PIZZA - Caine Road by the escalator. The biggest pizza you can get in HK: 1 meter pizza for the price of HK$ 200.

BUTCHER - GF Rialto Building, 2 Landale Street, Wanchai; Exit F2 Admiralty Station. If you are American, you love burger. And if you love burger, you got to try the burger of this place. They have so far the most genuine American burger in HK. What you will get? Burger. Yes, they only make one type of burger (HK$ 100); but it is one of a kind!

HOOTERS - 43 Wyndham Street, neat LKF. The infamous Hooters with its sexy waitress arrives in HK (near LKF, of course) in 2016.

THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY - G102, Gateway, Harbour City, TST. If it is not the best, it should be the second best place in the world for cheesecake. It puts all the other kinds of cheesecakes available in HK from those local or Japanese places into shame (which should have been done long time ago).


COYOTE - 114 Lockhard Road, Wanchai, Exit C, Wanchai MTR Station (HK$ 150 / person)

TACO LOCO - 7 Staunton Street, Central, Exit D2, Central MTR Station  (HK$ 100 / person)

CARAMBA - 26 Elgin Street, Central, 25309963

QUE PASA - Nutsford Terrace, TST, 23162525

TEQUILA JACK - 33 Chatham Road South, TST, Exit P3, Tsim Sha Tsui East Station. This Mexican bar has taco Tuesday when you can get delicious taco for only HK$ 20 each, and Tequila for HK$ 35 only.

Seafood Grill

15 Soy Street, Mong Kok. BBQ style, grill it by yourself. Open till 5 am.


LA KASBAH - Basement, 17 Hollywood Road, Central, 25259493,


HABIBI CAFE - 112 Wellington Street, Central, 25443886,


ORANGE TREE - GF 17 Shelley Street, Mid Levels (by the escalator), 28389352


IVAN THE KOZAK - GF, 46 Cochrane Street, Central (by the escalator), 28511193


FINDS - 1/F Luxe Manor, 39 Kimberly Road, TST, 25229318

Something Classy

D17 - 17F, 525 Hennessey Road, Causeway Bay, 39070090 - Don't miss their Barcelona seafood selection

D-DIAMOND - R001, 3F, Elements, Kowloon MTR Station, 21968126 - Luxurious Italian restaurant at the tallest building in HK

DOMANI - 4F, Pacific Place, Admiralty, 21111197 - Nice restaurant, nice food, but average service quality

FIRE - 1F, W Hotel, Kowloon MTR Station, 37172848 - Australasian food with special pigeon tea

BURGER REPUBLIC - 39 Gough Street, Central, 25811887

DUKE'S BURGER - 5 Staunton Street, Central, 25267062

ARMANI - 1F, Charter House, Central, 28050028 - Who doesn't know Armani?

THE PAWN - 62 Johnston Road, Wanchai, 28663444

UNO MAS - 1F, 54 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, 25279111 - Spanish restaurant serves in large portion with Spanish beers only can be found there

CAPRICE - 6F, Four Seasons Hotel, Central, 31968888

NOBU - 2F, Inter Continental Hotel, TST, 23132323

ZUMA - The Landmark, Central, 36576388

LOBSTER BAR and Grill - Island Shangri-La Hotel, Admiralty, 28208560 - Just can't get anything wrong from this place

GOLD BY HARLAN GOLDSTEIN - 2F LKF Hotel, LKF Central, 28699986 - Emphasize on the freshness and the quality of the recipes. Be prepared to pay for a prime steak for US$ 150.

RUTH'S CHRIS Steak House - Lippo Centre, Admiralty, 25229090

AGNES B LE PAIN GRILLE - Shop 1, Vogue Alley, 2 Kingston Road, Causeway Bay, 25770370

FRITES - 1F, Queen's Palace, Central, 21795179 - Belgian food

HARVEY NICHOLS - The Landmark, Central, 36953388 - Harvey Nichols may not produce clothes more expensive than Armani, but sure her restaurant does

M AT THE FRINGE - The Fringe Club, Central, 28774000

CAFE LOSIL - GF, 8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan, 91790209 - Austrian

RED BAR - 4F, IFC, Central, 81298882 - Come drink at the 2nd tallest building of HK, even if you cannot afford the food

ZENSES - Henley Building, 5 Queen's Road, Central, 25218999 - This place is popular for the handsome people working inside

131 - 131 Tseung Tau Village, Sai Kung, 27912684 - French restaurant with breath-taking sea view

GADDI'S - Peninsula, TST, 23153171 - Best French food at the best hotel in HK, probably in Southern Asia as well

L. PLACE - 139, Queen's Road Central, Exit E2, Sheung Wan MTR. L. Place is not the name of the restaurant, but it is a building full of great restaurants. Such as, Fettuccini (Italian, G/F), Steak Place (USA, 3/F), 1968 Indonesian Restaurant (you know, 5/F) and a Japanese one. They all become very popular upon opening. The service quality is really good, especially for Steak Place.

SPOIL CAFE - 1 Sun Street, Wanchai, 35895678 - Where to find fine Italian Gelato?



WONG CHUN CHUN Thai Restaurant - 23 Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City - One of the best Thai restaurants in the area among like 20 of them. Thai food is popular for its spicy taste, seafood and desserts. (HK$ 100 / person)

SAI KUNG Thai Restaurant - Man Nin Street, Sai Kung. There are 2 Thai food restaurants at Man Nin Street, Sai Kung. They provide yummy Thai food in reasonable price. (HK$ 100 / person)

The Spice House - 35 Amoy Street, Wanchai, Exit A3, Wanchai MTR. Simply cheap and delicious Thai food. Friendly service and chill-relaxing atmosphere. Recommendation - Morning Glory, Chicken Rolls, Spicy Seafood Soup and Crispy Noodle.

WING CHUN Vietnamese Restaurant - 5 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City - A very cheap restaurant for delicious Vietnam food; chicken feet, raw shrimp, curry beef, you won't be disappointed if you dare to try. (HK$ 50 / person)

ISLAM Food - 1 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City - Minced beef cake and the boiled sliced beef are the most popular dishes of this restaurant. (HK$ 50 / person)

Indonesian - BEBEK BENJIL 3 - The Broadway, 54 Lockhart Road, Wanchai - 22178000,

WAI KEE - 1F Bowrington Road Market, Bowrington Road, Exit A, Causeway Bay MTR. This curry lamb made in traditional Islamic style in Wanchai is one of the best in HK. Most importantly, it is so cheap.


CHUNG KING Mansion - Exit L, TSTE Station; or Exit G, TST MTR Station

Chung King Mansion is a interesting place in HK, its where most Middle East and Africa people stay when they come to HK because there are plenty of cheap hostels in the Mansion. Of course, there are also European and American stay in. But the majority of Middle East and Africa people make it the best place for Middle East or African food. There are plenty of good Indian Restaurants and here is one I like the most: (HK$ 70 / person)

TAJ MAHAL Club - 3/F Block B-4. You usually pay less than $100 for a dinner, and $60 if you share the food together.

TASTE OF INDIA - Indian food in additional to good service. (HK$ 100 / person)

GAYLORD - 23 Ashley Road, TST, Exit L5 TST MTR. Actually there are plenty good restaurants on Ashley Road; Japanese, Chinese, Irish, Korean, just to name a few.

SHAFFI'S Indian Restaurant - 14 Fau Tsoi Street, Yuen Long, Yuen Long MTR Station. A nice Indian place opened by Indians living in Yuen Long. Cheap and original.

Sri Lankish

Claimed to be the only restaurant serving Sri Lanka food in HK - AJ's in Sai Kung - G/F, 14 Sai Kung Hoi Pong Street, right behind the Seafood Street's Gate. (

Korean BBQ - Han-yang Won Korean Restaurant - 1/F Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Exit E1, Mong Kok MTR Station

Han-yang Won has about 10 restaurants in HK, and this one in Mong Kok is among the biggest. It provides Korean BBQ buffet at about HK$ 50 for lunch or HK$ 100 for dinner. The buffet contains raw meat for both BBQ and Hotpot, and cooked meat and desserts. You will be eating so much at the end.

Han-yang Won has another stores in TST, Jordan and Causeway Bay.

Kim Mi Restaurant - 5F Yau Shing Commercial Centre, 51 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Exit E2, Mong Kok MTR Station

This is another good place for Korean BBQ. Slightly more expensive than Han-yang Won, but the food is a lot better.

Korean food - Myung Ga - 301, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, HK, Exit D1, Causeway Bay MTR Station

Myung Ga is a very tradition Korean Restaurant that many visiting Korean come to this place to find a cure to their homesick. The tar tar beef in Korean style is a must try. (HK$ 150 / person)

Kimberley Street, TST - Exit B2, TST MTR, near Nutsford Terrace. This neighborhood is known as the Little Korea of HK, so you can find some nice little Korean restaurants there.


Sushi bar in HK is plenty and various. They are cheap in compared to the rest of the world. 2 pieces of sushi costs from HK$ 10 to HK$ 50. However, not many of the sushi bars are good.

The ITAMAI Sushi at L1, Festival Walk is one of the best. Be careful, eating sushi maybe addictive. You will be spending more than HK$ 100 once you get in :-)

KANAMIZU SUSHI - GF, 92 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. 27246363

A place for half price sushi which is in TST. More choices of sushi can be found at Kanamizu. They offer half price sushi in the afternoon (3 to 5:30 pm) EVERYDAY, also from every night after 10 pm. This place is small so, if you wanna enjoy cheap sushi, I would suggest going in the afternoon.

SUSHI ONE - 1F, Grand Century Plaza, Mong Kok. Exit D, Mong Kok East Station

Another half price sushi place special treat starts at 10 pm every day as well.

A few more sushi places can be found in Hillwood Road, TST are also very nice.

OSAKA - 14 Ashley Road, TST, Exit E, TST MTR Station. This Japanese restaurant gives you a little traditional Japanese touch. Most of the customers are Japanese residents or travelers in HK. They have Japanese recipe freshly imported from Japan every day. The Sashimi lunch set is the best deal although it costs you HK$ 150 or more.

YOKOZUNA - 466 Nathan Road, Yaumatei, behind a 7 Eleven. I have my best Japanese ramen ever in Tokyo. The 2nd best? From this Yokozuna ramen shop in HK. Yokozuna is the highest rank in the Sumo sports; and this ramen shop got its name right. While you need to spend about US$ 15 for a simple ramen in Tokyo, here it is only US$ 7. Again, be there before 6 pm if you don't want to wait for at least an hour for a table.

Japanese Restaurant Street – SUNG KIT Street, Hung Hom

Hung Hom, or Whampoa to be precise, is one of the few areas where the Japanese choose to stay in HK. Although Causeway Bay is the place where you can find Japanese influence the greatest in HK, you can only find the best Japanese restaurant at Sung Kit Street.

Sung Kit Street is a very narrow alley mixed with 3 or 4 Japanese restaurants and a number of Chinese dessert shops. The Japanese restaurants there are so good that if you arrive later than 18:00, it is not surprised that you will have to wait for at least 1 hour before having your seat.

The most famous one is KATIGA - Tel: 2764 6436 (HK$ 150 / person). Bring enough cash with you because they don't take credit card, and their food is so great that you will keep on eating more and more!

MING GENERAL Sushi - 3F Hilton Plaza, Shatin, Shatin (Shatin MTR); 6F Dragon's Centre, Sham Shui Po (Exit C); or 2F Ginza Plaza, Mong Kok (Exit E2)

HK$ 50 all you can eat sushi lunch or dinner buffet! Probably the cheapest way to eat sushi in HK although the sushi are not very tasty as you may know.

BUTAO Ramen - 11 Wo On Lane, Central / Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay. Best Ramen in HK among many local people's hearts. My experience is that the soup is really tasty, but the ramen itself is not very special. I think for a good ramen, both the soup and the noodle are equally important. In addition, this place is so crowded the whole day and I do not think it is worthy to wait for an hour every time, even the soup is very tasty. Anyway, if you want to try, be prepared to wait for up to 1 hour. Tang Lung Street has become a Ramen street nowadays btw.

It is noticed that BUTAO has opened a new restaurant in TST (Minden Avenue). Critic has that the ramen in this new one is nothing like Butao. What a shame...

Ramen Champion - Basement, Prudential Building, Exit E, Jordan MTR.

Ramen Champion is a concept from Japan where there are a number of Ramen restaurants gathered together in a dining hall competing with each other. In this one in HK, there are 6 of them and they serve similar ramen. All around HK$ 70 and in good quality. An ideal place for ramen lover!

KAKUREGA Ramen - 7F Dragon Centre, Exit C2 Sham Shui Po MTR. Legend has that the Kakurega is opened by one of the founders of Butao Ramen; that may explain why Kakurega has become so popular quickly even when it is located in Sham Shui Po - an old district where people would not pick to try new business usually.

In Japanese, the name of this restaurant means hidden. It is very correct that this restaurant is located in an old district, hiding away from downtown Central and TST. But it is this kind of condition usually treasure can be found. Tsukemen is the kind of noodle you can find only in Kakurega in HK. Basically it is like the lomen of China. Soup and noodle are prepared and served separately. Just go to this restaurant sometime and you would not be regret. Sham Shui Po is such a cool district after all.

Seafood Market - Wanchai Ferry Pier.

Middle Eastern

Kebab - EBENEEZER'S - Lan Kwai Fong, Central (Exit D2, Central MTR Station); or 89 Lockhart Road, Wanchai (Exit C, Wanchai MTR Station); or 32 Ashley Road, TST (Exit E, TST MTR Station)

Ebeneezer's kebab is everyone's favorite after getting tipsy. They have both spicy or non-spicy kebab which is cheap and yummy, and good for hangover. They are all located near the bar districts of HK with a reason. (HK$ 40 / person)

Turkish - ISTANBUL EXPRESS - 177 Wanchai Road, Wanchai; or GF, 66 Lockhart Road, Wanchai (Exit C, Wanchai MTR Station). Very cheap but good quality Turkish food. You wouldn't be regret!

OUR Restaurant - 1A / 1J, Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok. More than just a kebab.

OTTOMAN - GA10B, Lei King Wan, 55 Tai Hong Street, Exit A Sai Wan Ho MTR. This little Turkish restaurant is a hidden treasure in the East of HK Island. It is cheap but the food is great. Service and portion are decent.

Lebanese - BEIRUT - Winner Building, 27 D'Aguilar Street, Central (LKF), 28046611

Nepalese - NEPAL - G/F, 14 Staunton Street, Central, 28696212

The best Laksa in HK - Katong Laksa, GF, 8 Ma Sha Street, Sheung Wan. Exit A2, Sheung Wan MTR

Halal Food

Please visit the Islamic Union of Hong Kong website.
Something Classy

BO INNOVATION -  2F, 60 Johnston Road, Wanchai, 28508371 - You gotta try their 12-course menu with rice roll and Chinese sausage ice-cream ;)

ISLAND TANG - 222, The Galleria, 9 Queen's Road, Central, 25268798

SHIRO - 1F, Pacific Place, Admiralty, 21558066 - Great interior design

T'ANG COURT - 1F, Langham Hotel, TST, 23751133

BICHO - 26F, Continental Diamond Plaza, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, 25766777 - This Japanese restaurant is far from expensive but its stylish!

WASABISABI - 13F, Times Square, Causeway Bay, 25060009 - One of the best (and most expensive) Japanese restaurant in HK

Others and Delivery

  Factory-Building Restaurants

Because of the lower rent of space in factory buildings, now you can find some decent restaurants inside the industrial areas of HK which used to be avoided by the majority. Also because of the low rent they could provide quality food to you in a relatively cheaper price. Some popular ones include: (They are around HK$ 200 per person for a full meal, mostly western cuisine)

  • FACTORY 99 - 1F, 99 How Ming Street, Exit A2 Kwun Tong MTR (Best value)
  • FUN LIFE - 1F, 15 Shing Yip Street, Exit B2 Kwun Tong MTR
  • STANLEY DELI - 2G Hok Yuen Street, Hung Hom; Minibus 2 from Festival Walk, or Taxi from Hung Hom MTR
  • G GALLERY and G CUISINE - 4F, 883 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Exit D1 Lai Chi Kok MTR (Featuring a outdoor balcony)

    197 NAM CHEONG Street - Exit B1, Sham Shui Po MTR Station. This little shop just like any local bakery shops in HK with simple decoration and very primitive way of doing business. Yet because of that, the price of its product is really low. This shop has a very long history and it is almost the last one you can find in the urban area of HK selling traditional Chinese bakery. You may need to be in Yuen Long if you want to buy those Chinese cakes and biscuits from the old days other than this shop. (HK$ 10 / person)

    BATMAN CAFE (HEROCROSS) - 38 G/F, Woodhouse, Chung King Mansion, Exit G TST MTR. This Herocross restaurant is created to give tribute to Batman, not any other heroes. They have waffle in the shape of a bat, for example.

    ICHIBAN - This is a very big chain stores specialized in the sale of confectionary and snacks of mostly HK and Japan. It has more than 100 shops all over HK providing more than 100 different kinds of snack with reasonable price. (HK$ 50 / person)

    Cheung Chau Fish Ball - Cheung Chau is more than seafood, the fish ball store selling cooked fish ball is recommended to tourist. It is near Park'N Shop at the central park of Cheung Chau Island. (HK$ 20 / person)

    Cheung Chau Shanghaiese Dumplings - This little restaurant is a new golden find on this little fishing island. Food is cheap but of great quality.

    Homebrewing Workshop - Brew your own beer! - 4F Cochrane Commercial House, 15 Cochrane St., Central, 59252739. Exit D2, Central MTR, near Central Market. It is a 3-hour course from HK$ 600 where you can brew your own beer with your name on the bottle!


    McDonald's - 23382338

    Pizza Box - 25151515 better pizza than Pizza Hut (goes to CityU)

    Food Express -

    Food by Web - 28051331

    Ring a Diner - 31055310

    Food by Fone - 28686969

    Foodpanda - 

    Deliveroo -


    As a food heaven, sure you can find vegetarian food (restaurant) in Hong Kong; not to mention that there is a large population of Buddhism follower and they are required to have vegetarian food at least twice a month. Below is some of the most popular vegetarian food restaurants: (I am totally non-vegetarian so, I am sorry I couldn't give any comment on the food quality)

    M GARDEN Vegetarian - 6/F, Grand Centre, Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Exit E1, Mong Kok MTR

    GAIA Veggie Shop - 3/F, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Exit B2, Prince Edward MTR

    KUNG TAK LAM Shanghai Vegetarian Cuisine - 7/F, 1 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Exit C1, Tsim Sha Tsui MTR

    Shanghai style vegetarian food restaurant with superb view of the HK harbor.

    You may also find vegetarian food in some Buddhist temples in HK, for instance, at the Big Buddha; and Chi Lin Nunnery outside Diamond Hill MTR. Their dishes are both innovative and delicious.

    Please go to the "Food in Chinese" column for vegetarian food in Chinese.

    Average prices (among local style restaurant / supermarket, and 5-stars restaurant) (Download Word file)

    Food Price (HK $)
    A can of Coke 5 - 10
    A bottle of water 10
    Water / tea in restaurant Free if they are provided in a glass already
    A can of beer 10
    A bottle of beer in restaurant / bar 50 (20 in HK style rest.)
    A bottle of red / white wine 50 (200 in restaurant)
    A bottle of vodka / whisky 150 (500 in restaurant)
    A bottle of fruit juice 10
    A bottle of milk 30
    Juice / milk in restaurant 30
    Coffee / tea 20
    Chinese tea in Chinese restaurant (unlimited refill normally) 5 - 10 per person
    An egg 3
    A chocolate bar 10
    A candy bar 10
    Ice-cream 'one flavor' 20
    A piece of cake 30
    A piece of bread 5
    Vegetable for one person 10
    Cheese 100g 50
    A McDonald meal (fast-food shops) 40
    Spaghetti Bolognaise (Pasta) 60
    A bowl of rice 8
    Food with rice / pasta 40
    Salad 50
    Soup 40
    Shark fin soup 100
    Chinese Barbecue Pork 30
    Sushi 20 (5 in supermarket)
    Dim Sum 20
    Side dish - mandatory to customers 10
    American cheese burger 100
    Steak / any kind of meat 150
    Chicken 50
    Chinese noodle 30
    Chinese congee 20
    Japanese noodle 90
    Cup noodle 7
    American breakfast 70
    Chinese dessert 20
    Western dessert (Ice-cream / cheese cake ...) 30 (60 in restaurant)
    Cantonese dish 60
    Chinese seafood dish 70
    Western dish 100
    Fish ball x 4 (Street snacks) 10
    A roast pigeon 50
    Beijing Duck 300
    Lobster Chinese style 300
    Lobster western style 500
    A buffet lunch (all you can eat) 200
    A buffet dinner (all you can eat) 400
    A lunch set 60
    A dinner set 100
    Tea set - fish n chips, French toast, chicken wing, pancake ... 40
    Midnight set 40
    Hotpot 180
    Karaoke + food 200 (50 for lunch)

    Cook by yourself?

    Eating out is so convenient and cheap in HK. The ratio of the number of restaurant / capita of HK is the highest in the world. Although there is a little twist in the favor and the way of preparation, it is still fair to say that international cuisine could be enjoyed in HK (for cheap). Nevertheless, cooking at home is fun sometimes. Especially when you are foreigners, you would love to prepare some ‘home-made’ dishes for your new local friends. Below are some of the places where you can buy all the things you need for showing your skills.


    Taste is a supermarket where you can buy nearly everything from different parts of the world. However, Taste is not a good place if you are looking for something cheap. Park’N shop is actually the initial identity of Taste / International / EAT / GOURMET. It changed its name to Taste so that they ‘could’ sell their products at a higher price. You can buy the same thing from Park’N cheaper than from Taste.


    Wellcome is another supermarket cooperation in HK. Wellcome sells more localized foodstuff which results in lower quality, but cheaper in price and more local-oriented.


    City Super is a very successful supermarket cooperation in HK among those focus on higher quality and price foodstuff. It has almost the same kind of products you could find in Taste, but in a little better quality. City Super usually comes with stationery, personal products and household stuffs sections which makes it more enjoyable to shop there.

    *Another supermarkets – SEIYU, APITA, and AEON Supermarkets, are the best places for Japanese foodstuff in town.


    The wet market at Nam Sham Chuen (as well as other places in HIK) is not only a place for fun and adventure. Food there is actually much cheaper and better than in Taste, only if you can communicate with the local shop-owners. If you are looking for food for BBQ, better go to the wet market there, and prepare for something like HK$30 for 10 pieces of chicken wings.

    Regional Stores

    Spanish - FIESTA - 1/F, 13, Li Yuen Street East, Central, Exit C, Central MTR Station This is a small store but it has all you want from Spanish food and wine (well, not all). It is indeed the wholesaler of Spanish food for all the supermarket in HK. So, if you know how to find it, you can save load from your budget. Jamon and wine are the best deal because the price can be as half as how much they cost in any supermarket outside.

    SE Asian - All around Kowloon City

    Korean - Kimberly Street, Exit B1, TST MTR Station

    USA -

    GATEWAY - 2F, 131, Des Vouex Road Central, Sheung Wan, Exit E5 Sheung Wan MTR Station. It has imported US foodstuffs for every one of us. They don't have great variety, but they do have something different. (OH: 10:00 - 19:00)

    A & M American Grocery - 12F, Manning House, 38 Queen's Road Central, Exit D2, Central MTR / 1F Chuang's Tower, 30 Connaught Road, Central, Exit C / Stanley Plaza, Stanley

    European - OLIVER - 3/F Prince Building, Central, Exit K, Central MTR Station. Like City Super, Oliver is another European supermarket in HK. The bakery section which is actually La Rose Noire, offers the best cheese cakes in town.

    Organic - 360 / ThreeSixty - The Elements - Kowloon Station. This is another non-local style supermarket yet claiming only has organic foodstuff for sale, imported from overseas. However, I would rather pay attention to their food hall on 4/F, which has a variety of choice of international 'fast-food' - Japanese, Indian, Chinese, French, Mexican, American, European, etc.

    CAKE-A-LICIOUS - LG/F, 11 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Exit D2, Central MTR Station 2815 2218. Tailor-made cake! Bakery takes order of anything! Even R-rated ones. Submit your design and HK$ 250 per pound to surprise your loved one with a customized cake!


    City Super supermarket has far more choices of alcohol than Taste. For special interest, there is a liquor shop at the intersection of Prat Avenue and Hart Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui (Exit A2, TST MTR Station), you can find Absinthe, Jagermeister, etc. there.

    Chinese Dishes Recommended and Their Names in both English and Chinese

    You may need to install Language Support for Asian Countries to display the Chinese characters if you are using Windows. It could be set in your region / language settings. (V for vegetarian compatible) The (..) after each pronunciation is the tone indication. Please refer to the Useful Cantonese section for detail. (Download Word file)

    Food Yummy Star (5) Chinese Name
    DIM SUM    
    Steamed Rice-flour Roll - comes with Shrimp, pork or beef 5 腸粉 cheung (s) fun (s)
    Pan Fried Taro Cake (V) 3 芉角 wu (m) gok (f)
    Deep Fried Dried Shrimp Dumpling - in mayonnaise sauce 4 蝦角 ha (s) gok (f)
    Steamed Sticky Rice with Shredded Chicken in Lotus Leaf 4 珍珠雞 jun (s) chu (s) gai (s)
    Steamed Pork Rib in Soya Sauce 4 排骨 pai (d) gwut (s)
    Steamed Dumpling Chiu Chow Style 4 潮州粉果 chiu (d) chow (s) fun (t) gor (t)
    Deep Fried Diced Seafood in Crispy Bean Curd Sheet 5 鮮蝦腐皮卷 sin (s) ha (s) fu (m) pay (d) guen (l)
    Fried Squid with Spicy Salt 5 椒鹽鮮魷 jiu (s) yim (d) sin (s) yau (d)
    Steamed Air-dried Sausage Bun 3 臘腸卷 lap (m) cheung (s) guen (s)
    Lotus Paste Bun (with duck egg inside) 3 蓮蓉包 lin (d) yung (d) bau (s)
    Steamed Turnip Cake (V) 4 蘿蔔糕 law (d) bak (m) go (s)
    BBQ Pork Pastry 4 叉燒酥 cha (s) siu (s) so (s)
    Steamed Pork Cake 4 燒賣 siu (s) mine (m)
    Steamed Shrimp Dumpling 5 蝦餃 ha (s) gau (m)
    Fried Spring Roll (shrimp inside) 5 春卷 chuen (s) guen (m)
    Steamed BBQ Pork Bun 4 叉燒包 cha (s) siu (s) bau (s)
    Steamed Beef Ball 4 牛肉 ngau (d) yuk (m)
    Egg Custard Tart 4 蛋撻 daunt (m)  tart (s)
    Steamed Chicken with Ham and Pig Skin 3 雞扎 gai (s) jart (f)
    Lobster Baked with Cheese 5 芝士焗龍蝦 chi (s) see (s) gook (m) lone (d) ha (s)
    Roast Pigeon 4 燒乳鴿 siu (s) yue (f) gaup (f)
    Peking Duck 5 北京填鴨 butt (s) ging (s) tin (d) iap (s)
    Steamed Fish 4 蒸魚 jing (s) yue (d)
    Sliced Beef in Pepper Sauce 5 黑椒牛仔骨 hut (s) jiu (s) ngau (d) chai (s) gwut (s)
    Diced Pork and Eggplant 4 魚香茄子 yue (d) heung (s) kat (r) chi (r)
    Sweet and Sour Pork / Chicken 4 咕嚕肉 / 雞 goo (s) lo (s) yuk (m) / gai (s)
    Vegetable (Pak choi / Tung Choi) (V) 5 菜 (白菜 / 通菜) choi (f)
    Clam Fried in Soya Sauce 5 豉椒炒蜆 see (m) jiu (s) chow (r) hin (r)
    Shrimp Fried with Egg York 5 黃金蝦 wong (d) gum (s) ha (s)
    Fried Rice Yeung Chau Style 4 楊州炒飯 yeung (d) chow (s) chow (m) fang (m)
    Crispy Fried Noodle with Pork Rib 5 排骨炒麵 pai (d) gwut (s) chow (m) min (m)
    Fried Egg with Shrimp 4 蝦仁炒蛋 ha (s) yun (d) chow (r) daunt (r)
    Fried Rice Noodle with Beef 5 乾炒牛河 gone (s) chow (r) ngau (d) hor (s)
    Tofu in Chilly Pepper 5 麻婆豆腐 ma (d) paul (d) dout (m) fu (m)
    Sliced Beef / Lamp in Hotpot 5 牛 / 羊腩煲 ngau (d) / yeung (d) nam (f) bo (s)
    Fried Grouper in Sweet Corn Sauce 5 粟米班塊 suk (s) mic (f) baunt (s) five (f)
    Chicken / Pork with Cashew 4 腰果雞 / 肉丁 yiu (s) gor (m) gai (s) / yuk (m) ding (s)
    Fried Chicken in Lemonade 4 西檸雞 sai (s) ling (m) gai (s)
    Steamed Chicken 5 鹽焗雞 yim (d) gook (m) gai (s)
    Fried Rice with Egg and Scallop (V) 4 瑤柱蛋白炒飯 yiu (d) chui (f) daunt (s) pak (s) chow (r) fang (m)
    Fried Rice with Vegetable (V) 4 生菜炒飯 shan (s) choi (f) chow (r) fang (m)
    Rice   fang (m)
    Congee   粥 joke (s)
    Noodle   麵 min (m)
    Rice Noodle   粉 fun (s)
    Vegetarian Food   食素 (齋) sic (m) so (f) / drei (s)
    Beef   牛 ngau (d)
    Lamp   羊 yeung (d)
    Pork   豬 chu (s)
    Chicken   雞 gai (s)
    Fish   魚 yue (s)
    Shrimp   蝦 ha (s)
    Crab   蟹 hi (f)
    Lobster   龍蝦 lone (d) ha (s)
    Vegetable   菜 choi (f)
    Tea   茶 cha (d)
    Water   水 shui (s)
    Coke   可樂 hor (s) lok (m)
    Beer   啤酒 bear (s) jau (s)
    Cup   杯 bui (s)
    Chopsticks   筷子 five (f) ji (s)
    Bowl   碗 wun (s)
    Spoon   gun (s)
    Fork   叉 cha (s) *same as tea but different tone
    Knife   刀 dou (s) *as in musical note do
    Napkin   紙巾 ji (s) gun (s)
    Toothpick   牙簽 ar (d) chim (s)
    Restroom   洗手間 sai (s) shou (s) kaun (s)
    ( I ) Eat / Want   (我) 食 / 要 sic (m)
    ( I ) Don't Eat / Want   (我) 唔食 / 要 m (d) sic (m)


    Tipping in HK is considered a must (but not an obligation) or a proper attitude to show your gratitude to the chef as long as you are not in a fast food shop (of course, no one will kill you if you don't tip), even though a 10% service charged is included in the bill already. HK$ 5 is the most typical amount for tips in a small restaurant. If you go to a hotel restaurant or if your bill is over HK$ 1000, HK$ 20 to 50 tip is considered reasonable.  


    When going to a seafood restaurant (a restaurant with 'seafood' as a part of its name, not to any restaurant and order seafood), be careful of the price of the seafood when it is marked 'seasonal'. Make sure the waiter has tell you the exact price before you order something. Seasonal in a sense means 'the owner's preference'. You never know when the owner is happy or not, so seasonal price could be dangerous. Also, if they are going to pick the food for you from a tank, make sure you are with them when they do the job. Sometimes, the waiter will catch the fish or whatever from the tank, put it in a plastic bag together with a cup / pint of water in it. Thus, when they measure the weight of the fish, they will measure with the water altogether, and make you pay much much more because the fish is so 'heavy'.


    When you go to a restaurant, don't get too excited when they give you all kinds of sauce, condiment and appetizer on your table even though you haven't ordered anything yet. They are NOT free, they will be included in the bill. Sometimes, even napkin or towel is part of your generosity.

    Napkin is more understandable if you ask for 'tissue'.

    If you want to have the bill, simply say: 'My Daunt' (just don't be scared off lol).

    Credit Card is usually unaccepted in HK style restaurant, fast food shop and Chinese restaurant which has a capacity of 50 people or less. 

    Casual wear is generally accepted in any restaurants otherwise specified.

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